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Welcome to the Israeli National Genetic Database.

This is an online repository of information about inherited disorders in the Israeli population. The data come mostly from publications in the scientific literature as well as some unpublished information contributed from individual clinicians. The database intends to include all recessive Mendelian disorders and dominant Mendelian disorders that are either relatively frequent, or in which a mutation has been reported with an increased frequency. All the efforts are made in order to keep the the Israeli National Genetic Database updated and accurate. However there are probably omissions and errors . Therefore, the data should be used with caution and feedback is needed. Comments and suggestions will help us to make this database more useful for everyone.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics at the end of 2015 the Israeli population included: 8,463,400 citizens, 6,334,500 Jews; 1,488,800 Muslims Arabs (including the Bedouins); 165,900 Christians; 137,500 Druzes as well as other smaller groups. The Jews are classified according their country of origin before their emigration to Israel (Cohen el al, Ann Hum Biol. 2004 31:38-48). The largest groups are the Ashkenazi Jews who originated from Eastern and central Europe. Most of the Arab and Druze population is living in villages, small towns with still a strong tradition of marriages within the family (Jaber et al. Clin Genet. 2000, 58:106-10).

This project is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Richard M Goodman whose publications and in particular his book on genetic disorders among Jews were an inspiration.

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