The Israeli National Genetic Database


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The search list includes names of disorders and genes, the order is according to the alphabet including first numbers and the capital letters. The search may be performed either using the name of the disorder or the name of the gene.

Hints for reading the results table

In this page Palestinian are for Palestinian Arabs from the Palestinian Authority or Palestinian Arabs reported without data on the exact origin

Allele frequency column: frequency calculated among the affected individuals in the ethnic group. In the case where for the number of chromosomes/families include the word family(ies); the allele frequency is the frequency within the family(ies).

Carrier frequency column: frequency calculated in a random sample of individuals from the ethnic group. For Ashkenazi Jews, if an asterisk appears after the number, the carrier frequency is the one calculated in more than 5,000 healthy Ashkenazim (gnomAD browser). In certain cases, in the Israeli Arabs or the Druze, the mutation(s) is limited to either one or two villages, a tribe or a region and this is indicated. When a number appears, it represents the frequency of the mutation in the particular village/tribe/region.